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gadar 2 movie review

Gadar 2 Movie : Movie Review

‘Gadar’ was never seen as a very thought provoking or revolutionary cinema. It was a masala film made for the purpose of entertainment. In ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘ also you find more or less the same things. But it seems to be trying to cash in on today’s atmosphere.

Gadar 2 Movie  has been released in theatres. has been viewed. Seeing it did not feel that it should have been seen. Because if you have seen the original ‘Gadar’, then you will not find anything new in ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘. ‘Gadar’ was never seen as a very thought provoking or revolutionary cinema. It was a pure masala film made for the purpose of entertainment. In ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘ also you find more or less the same things. But it seems to be trying to cash in on today’s atmosphere.

The story of ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘ takes place 17 years ahead of the original film. In 1971, the ground was being prepared for war with Pakistan. Tara Singh has again reached Pakistan due to cinematic reasons. This time his aim is to save his son Jeeta. For which they once again defeat the whole of Pakistan. If you thought that the entire story of the film was revealed in the trailer, then you are wrong. Because a big piece of the film has been kept out of the trailer. Some turns and twists are. There is more than one climax. It seems that after this sequence the picture will end, only then a new twist comes in the story.

gadar 2 movie review
That dialogue scene of Utkarsh from the film, which was also in the trailer.

Gadar 2 Movie ‘ is a childish film. Nothing happens in that film, on which you believe even for a second. Too dated. In which there is no logic. Anything is happening anywhere. Despite this, it does not seem boring. This happens because the recall value of ‘Gadar – Ek Prem Katha’ is very strong. That film was made in 2001. It was made according to the sensibilities of that time. The way of thinking of the public was also different. Infact the public was different then. After that internet facility came in the country. People got the facility of watching movies from all over the world. The whole world has changed. But there was no change in the filmmaking of the makers of ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘. They didn’t think of anything new. They retold the same old story with a little chilli-spice and new packaging.

In terms of 2023, this film looks very weak at the technical level. There is a small war sequence in the film. He is so awkward and less sure that it cannot be told. On many occasions footage of the first one ‘Gadar’ is used. Only three songs from the first film have been used. Music is the only thing which works in favor of this film. Songs like ‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’, ‘UdJa Kale Kawan’ still work. For this, Mithun has to be praised, who did not spoil these songs in the process of remixing them. He has also composed some new songs. Like ‘Khairiyat’ and ‘Chal Tere Ishq Mein’. Both those songs sound good too. Meaning they will be heard outside the film as well.

Ameesha Patel in a scene from the film.

There is a very beautiful scene in the film. In this scene, Tara Singh asks the Pakistani General to choose between Geeta and Quran. General Saheb chooses Geeta. Because there was a gun in his temple. On this, Tara Singh gets angry and says, ‘Both could not choose.’

Gadar 2 Movie ‘ has its own moments, like the hand pump scene. It is one of the funniest scenes in the film. This time Sunny Deol uproots the electric pole. Shout out loud. They clash with the Pakistani army by taking tankers. Sunny does all that, for which he is known. But in the first half of the film, Sunny Deol does some lovely things. For example, acting. But the problem is that in the film he is the one who is acting. You will bang your head seeing the rest of the cast. Ameesha Patel has played the role of Sakina, who vanishes after the first 15 minutes of the film. Keep appearing for a few seconds in between.

I have a conspiracy theory regarding the ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘. I think Anil Sharma has made ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘ to launch his son Utkarsh Sharma on a bigger level. Because he has a parallel lead role with Sunny Deol in the film. Only Utkarsh Sharma is seen in a major part of the film. Because the story of the film is such that Sunny Deol disappears. Utkarsh has played the role of Tara Singh’s son Jeete aka Charanjeet Singh. This was a big opportunity for him. Which he misses by a big margin. You must have heard one of his dialogues in the trailer. There are others in the film as well. But she is very filmy. Don’t remember Simrat Kaur played a character named Muskaan in the film. Many things happen with that character. But they are not able to translate properly in the film. That’s why Simrat’s work is not able to impress much even though it is good. In this movie film, famous actor Manish Wadhwa has played the role of villain in place of Amrish Puri as a Pakistani general, which has been liked by the people. His role is similar to what Hindi filmmakers think Pakistani generals would be. Brutal, stupid, weak, violent. Enemies of Hindus and Indians.

Manish Wadhwa in the role of General of Pakistani Army.

It was a very interesting experience to watch ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘. Because you are watching the movie. Noticing every small and big thing. Surprised at the exaggerations. Laughing at the idiots. Getting angry at ignorance. Cooking from the lesson of patriotism. But having fun. ‘Gadar 2 Movie ‘ is not a film that must be seen. Because it does not add or change anything new in your life. On some occasions it is also problematic. On which applause was heard in the cinema hall. It gets lost there. Because people in India do not watch cinema just for entertainment.

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