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Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda Death

Famous Punjabi singer Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda Death has just passed away.

On hearing the name of Punjabi music, we remember some songs and some famous singers like Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda, which we have heard since childhood and which we listen to even today. Some such songs were sung by Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda, who was a star of the Punjabi music industry. He had made a place in the hearts of people with her voice and style. But sadly, his life turned dark too soon. The cause of his death is yet to be known, but his fans and fellow actors have remembered him and wished his soul rest in peace.

Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda Death

Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda died on 26 July 2023, while he was admitted in DMC Hospital, Ludhiana. He had undergone a minor operation at Orissan Hospital a few days ago, after which he developed infection and breathing problems. He was first taken to Model Town Hospital, then shifted to DMC Hospital. There he was put on ventilator, but the doctors could not save him.

Fans felt a deep shock Hearing the news of his death, his fans and fellow artists remembered him on social media and wished his soul peace. His son Maninder Shinda told in a Facebook live session that his father is not on ventilator and he will be fine. But perhaps it was not written in his fate that he would be cured.

Birth and beginnings of Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda

Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda was born on 20 May 1959 in Chhoti Ayali village of Ludhiana. His real name was Surinder Pal Dhammi, but he became famous by the stage name Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda. He got his career start in 1979, when his debut album Ishq Da Uda Adah was released. He learned music from his gurus Kartar Singh and Gobinder Singh Alampuri. His first hit song was ‘Jatt Jeona Mod’, which was based on a Punjabi folk tale.

Punjabi Singer Surinder Shinda real name of surender shinda

The real name of Surender Shinda was Surinder Pal Dhammi. Anhoni went on to sing many hit songs in his career, such as ‘Jatt Jeeona Mod’, ‘Truck Billiya’, ‘Kaher Singh Di Maut’ and ‘Putt Jattan De’. He was considered a legend of Punjabi folk music. His style and voice were very unique. Anhoni filled the fragrance of Punjab’s soil and the spirit of Punjabiyat in his songs.

Hit Songs of Surinder Singh Sidhu

Surinder Singh Sidhu sang many hit songs in his career, which are still on people’s lips. Some of his famous songs are:

1. “Putt Jattan De”: This song was the title track of his film Putt Jattan De, in which he also acted. This song shows the culture and lifestyle of Punjabi youth.

2. “Truck Billiya”: This song became an anthem for truck drivers. This song came in his film Truck Driver, in which he played the lead role.

3. “Balbiro Bhabhi”: This song was the title track of his film Balbiro Bhabhi, in which he narrated the love and sorrow of a sister-in-law.

4. “Kaher Singh Di Maut”: This song was a song from his film Jatt Jeeona Mod, in which he had seen the death scene of Kahar Singh.

5. “Uncha Burj Lahore Da“: This song was the title track of his album Uncha Burj Lahore Da, in which he was told about the historical place and culture of Lahore.

Surinder Singh Sidhu had won many awards and honors in his life. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards in 2013. Anhoni had also acted in Punjabi films like ‘Putt Jattan De’ and ‘Ooncha Dar Bebe Nanak Da’ along with his songs. His songs are still alive in the hearts of people.