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surat diamond bourse pentagon

surat diamond bourse pentagonSurat, known as the “Diamond City of India,” boasts a glorious history in the global diamond trade. Among its many gems, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands tall as an iconic symbol of India’s dominance in the diamond industry. As India’s largest office and the world’s largest office, this magnificent establishment has redefined the way diamonds are traded, solidifying India’s position as a powerhouse in the precious gemstone market. In this blog, we will explore the significance of the Surat Diamond Bourse beats American Pentagon, its influence on the diamond trade, and the impact it has on India’s reputation as a leader in the world of diamonds.

The Genesis of Surat Diamond Bourse:

The Surat Diamond Bourse was conceived as a visionary project to centralize and streamline India’s thriving diamond trade. With its rich history in diamond cutting and polishing, Surat emerged as the natural choice for such an endeavor. The project aimed to create an environment that fosters transparency, efficiency, and competitiveness, thus elevating India’s standing in the global diamond industry.

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World’s and India’s Largest Office:

Spanning a vast area, the Surat Diamond Bourse claims the prestigious title of being India’s largest office. It houses thousands of diamond-related businesses, creating an ecosystem where miners, manufacturers, traders, and exporters can interact and collaborate seamlessly. This consolidation of the diamond trade under one roof has propelled India’s diamond exports and provided a significant boost to its economy.

Who is Surat Diamond Bourse owner?

Shri Vallabhbhai Patel is a owner of world’s largest office Surat Diamond Bourse and Surat Diamond Bourse was being developed by the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) Company Limited, a non-profit company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, and promoted by the Surat Diamond Association (SDA) and Gujarat Diamond Workers’ Association (GDWA).

The Surat Diamond Bourse aims to be a collaborative effort of various stakeholders, including diamond merchants, manufacturers, traders, and industry associations. The development of the bourse is intended to create a world-class infrastructure to support and boost the diamond trade in Surat and strengthen India’s position as a leading player in the global diamond industry.

For the most current and accurate information about the ownership of the Surat Diamond Bourse, I recommend checking official sources, news updates, or the Surat Diamond Bourse website, if available, as ownership details and project developments may have changed since my last update.

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Surat Diamond Bourse Architect

The Surat diamond bourse were designed by Delhi-based Morphogenesis and are based on the concept of Panchtatva, the five elements of nature – water, fire, air, earth and sky. Sonali Rastogi, co-founder of Morphogenesis told The National, “It is the largest building in the world. Surat Diamond Bourse cost is 3000 crore.

The bourse is designed to be a modern and state-of-the-art structure, reflecting the importance of Surat as a major diamond trading center in India.


  1. Office Spaces: The bourse is intended to have numerous office spaces that can accommodate thousands of diamond-related businesses, including diamond merchants, manufacturers, cutters, polishers, and traders.
  2. Diamond Trading Halls: Specialized trading halls equipped with advanced technology will facilitate diamond transactions, making the buying and selling process efficient and secure.
  3. Security: Given the high value of the diamonds being traded, the bourse is expected to have strict security measures, including surveillance systems, access controls, and security personnel, to ensure the safety of the diamonds and those working within the premises.
  4. Technological Infrastructure: The Surat Diamond Bourse is likely to incorporate cutting-edge technology to streamline operations, manage transactions, and enhance overall efficiency.
  5. Conference and Meeting Rooms: The bourse may include conference and meeting rooms where industry stakeholders can hold discussions, seminars, and workshops.
  6. Amenities: To cater to the needs of its occupants and visitors, the bourse is expected to offer amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and parking facilities.

What is Surat Diamond Bourse Area Pentagon?

The Surat Precious stone Bourse is an immense complex of nine structures that are associated by a focal passage. It covers in excess of 35 sections of land of land and has over 7.1 million square feet of floor space. That is sufficient to fit in excess of 100 football fields!

The structure has 15 stories and can oblige north of 65,000 individuals. It has beyond what 4,700 workplaces that can likewise be utilized as studios for cutting and cleaning jewels. It additionally has numerous offices for the laborers, for example,

  • Eating and retail regions
  • Wellbeing and gathering focuses
  • 131 lifts
  • Security and observation frameworks
  • Parking spots for huge number of vehicles

The structure was planned by an Indian design firm called Morphogenesis, which won a worldwide contest to make it. The task cost about $388 million and required four years to finish. It was deferred by two years in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The structure was authoritatively opened in July 2023 by Head of the state Narendra Modi, who was brought into the world in Gujarat, the state where Surat is found. He lauded the structure as an image of India’s advancement and development.

Why is the Surat Diamond Bourse important?

The Surat Precious stone Bourse is significant for some reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It sets aside time and cash for the precious stone experts who never again need to head out to Mumbai or different urban communities to carry on with work.
  • It makes a one-stop objective for all the precious stone exercises, from slicing and cleaning to exchanging and purchasing.
  • It helps the economy and notoriety of Surat as a worldwide center for the jewel business.
  • It exhibits India’s ability and imagination in engineering and plan.
  • It sets a model for different urban areas and ventures to make huge scope projects that benefit their networks.

The Surat Precious stone Bourse is a surprising accomplishment that shows how Surat has changed itself from a modest community to an elite city. It likewise shows how precious stones are delightful articles, yet in addition wellsprings of job and pride for a large number of individuals.